My Toy allows parents to learn more about their child’s inner world

Created by a mother for all mothers out there, My Toy revamps the most treasured toy, the playhouse, transforming it in an accessible tool for all parents out there. A tool allowing parents to become more conscious of their children’s emotions, thoughts, needs, and imagination. My Toy creates green, mind and imagination-shaping toys entirely personalizable to your child’s preferences and likes. The “Make-Your-Own Kind Of Magic” Playhouse, in particular, encourages children to create and enjoy their dream environment where they can be freely themselves without being dependent on digital devices. All our products are effortless to store and preserve: setting up takes less than 60 seconds.

Our products are made from 100% recyclable materials. We believe responsible, planet-friendly play needs to be a reliable option for all parents out there. My Toy keeps children active and creative. Children get to express their authentic selves while learning new things and having fun. All our products have been created and designed to unlock children’s self-confidence and independence with a keen focus on the inner artist inside every child. Our products boost children’s imagination, creative thinking, and self-expression. Not only that, our products improve children’s motor skills, communication skills, and coordination as well. 

At My Toy, we believe that all parents have the right to choose how their children spend their time. All parents have the right to choose how they allow their children to express themselves, learn, and create. All parents have the right to choose the environment where their children flourish. My Toy is the right alternative to every conventional pattern. No more endless piles of toys scattered everywhere. No more headaches. My Toy helps children express themselves – our products are designed to fit and improve all your child’s needs, moods, and stages of development. My Toy allows parents to learn more about their child’s inner world while children shape their authentic selves and build the creative spaces of their dreams.